Extra Large Oval Cutters

Product Description

Able to cut confidently through heavy duty wire, our extra large oval is popular for a variety of applications and industries. Option of Razor Flush allows for extremely flush cutting. This cutter has a longer and wider cutter head which permits an expanded cutting capacity.

Tronex Model Numbers Cutting Edge Cutting Capacity
Soft Copper Wire Diameter
Standard Handle Ergonomic Handle
5611 N/A Semi-Flush .020” — .080”
.4mm — 2mm
26AWG — 12AWG
5612 N/A Flush .010” — .080”
.3mm — 2mm
29AWG — 12AWG
5613 N/A Razor Flush® .010” — .060”
.3mm — 1.6mm
29AWG — 14AWG

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