Long and Short Handle Tools


Short Handles vs. Long Handles

Tronex offers both short and long handle models of almost all of our hand tools.
Which one should you or your customers chose? There really is not a right or wrong answer, but the below information should help.
• Tronex sells about the same amount of long handle tools as short (standard) handle tools to our jewelry customers
• Men often prefer the longer handles
• Women with larger hands sometimes prefer the longer handles
• If possible, your customers should feel the handles in their hand and try using the tools.
• Tool models that start with a “5” have shorter handles, and tools which start with a “7” have longer handles. Exceptions to this are the 5612, 5613 which are mid sized handles measuring 3.4″.
• Short handle tools measure 2.9″ and longer handles measure 3.9″ from the base of the blue foam grip to tip of the grip.
• The pictures below help illustrate how the different sized fit in someone’s hand. Of course, hand sizes vary, so ideally a customer should hold them to try them. The hand pictured is on the larger side.
Long Handle Tronex Cutters Short Handle Tronex Pliers

Read more information about Ergonomic handle benefits on our web site:
Ergonomic Handle Benefits

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