Why Use ESD Safe Tweezers?

“ESD Safe” when used with hand tools means static dissipative.

That is what we mean with the Tronex “ESD Safe”  plastic grips used with all of our cutters and pliers.  The plastic material used to manufacture our grips contains an additive which dissipates any electrostatic charge.

Tweezers usually don’t have any plastic components.  They are usually made of stainless steel which is static conductive.

Operators who use tweezers in electronic assembly or re-work are normally grounded which thereby eliminates the risk of static buildup and transmission of static electricity to the component.  But in the event the operator is not satisfactorily grounded a tweezer with static dissipative coating will not allow the electricity to be transferred to the electronic component.  A bare tweezer, or a tweezer with static conductive coating, will not provide that same protection and risks damaging the component.

Tronex offers a variety of ESD Safe tweezer models which are safely in the STATIC DISSIPATIVE range.

You may view the many options here:


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