Fine Tip Tools for Ultra Precise Applications

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Introducing Tronex Fine Tip Tools for
Ultra Precise Applications
Tronex Pliers: Model 515
Tronex Cutter: Model 5048
Introducing: Tronex Ultra Fine tips tools. These special tools are for working with extremely fine electronics applications including the repair of IPhones! These ultra precise tools feature just that: ULTRA fine tips to cut or grasp into extremely tight spaces. These unique tools are available in one handle length – our shorter, standard handle length.

Cut lead pic
You can remove one single lead from this 100 pin QFP!

Leads on a 100 pin Quad Flat Pack are only .2mm (.008″) in diameter, and are spaced only .3mm (.011″) apart. Yet the Tronex model 5048 Cutters can cut out one single lead! These unique cutters feature Razor Flush® cutting edges for an ultra flush cut.

5048 w. pencil
The Model 515 fine tips pliers were developed by Tronex specifically for an international defense contractor.
• Each tip is only .6mm (.025″) x .8mm (.030″).
• They can grip fine leads without marring them.
• This tool can reach into very confined spaces.
• The Tronex model 515 pliers are a comfortable alternative to tweezers for certain applications.
I-Phone Repair with Tronex Model 5048In the image above, Tronex model 5048 fine tip cutters with razor flush® cutting edges are being used to repair an Iphone. You can see the fine tips are able to cut tiniest of leads on the board! These specialized cutters have many electronics related applications including repairs, rework and assembly.

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