5 Qualities to Look for in Fine Hard Wire Cutters

Fine hard wire cutters are specialized precision cutting tools which are usually used to cut very hard and fine wire such as Nitinol and stainless steel used in medical devices. You will need to look for the best quality hard wire cutters so that you can make precision cuts and which can handle the challenging materials you will find in such devices. Use the wrong cutters and you could easily make a costly mistake resulting in cutters that don’t last long, won’t cut well and are not able to provide a precise cut.

Make sure to do your research to find the right hard cutters in California for your specific application. Below are five qualities you should look for in fine hard wire cutters:

Wire Cutters


Typically, fine hard wire cutters are made from materials like tungsten alloy steel and solid tungsten carbide silver brazed into carbon steel. The cutters have a hardness of 66 to 81 HRC on both cutting edges, depending on the type of material used to create them. You need to look for hard wire cutters that have a material and hardness level to cut through the type of wire you will be working with. You should be able to cut through fine hard wire without any struggle.


Hard wire cutters are often used under a microscope. The work is very fine, and often cuts also need to be very precise. The cutting edge should be sharp enough and fine enough to make exactly the perfect cut. The head also must be small enough to fit into the required spaces. Even the smallest discrepancies can make the work you are trying to do very difficult.


The wires used in medical devices are extremely hard. If you were to use regular carbon steel cutters, the hardness of these wires would leave a small hole in the blades, eventually rendering the cutter unusable. To successfully cut Nitinol, stainless steel and other hard wires, you will need special fine hard wire cutters that can stand up to the hardness of the wires and the precision of the job without wearing down or breaking. You don’t want your wire cutters to fail in the middle of a job, nor do you want to have to replace those wire cutters frequently, a costly mistake.

Sharp Edges

You will need sharp cutting edges for fine hard wire cutters. These wires are made of some of the strongest materials, and you need wire cutters that are sharp enough to cut through them without struggle. Look for wire cutters that have been sharpened with diamond grinders, which can sharpen even the hardest surfaces and get precise results.

Small Tips

Fine hard wire cutters are often used to get into some very tiny spaces. The wire cutters’ head will need to be small enough to fit into those spaces and do the work you need to do. Tronex Class W cutter are smaller and lighter than Tronex Class T cutters and are ideal for the finest hard wire and very confined spaces. They are both used for medical device work. Look at the measurements on the tips of any hard wire cutters to be sure they can fit the spaces on which you will be working. If possible, submit a sample of wire being cut to test out the wire cutters before purchasing to make the best recommendation.

When you are doing precise work, you need precise tools. You should make sure that your cutters have all of the qualities needed for your cutting application. In addition to researching what others have to say about the tools, be sure to check out the specifications to make sure they meet your needs. When you are looking for fine hard wire cutters in California, make sure that they are strong enough, durable enough, and sharp enough, and that they have small enough tips and make precise cuts. We highly recommend test cutting as an extra precaution.

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