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About Us


Founded in Napa, California in 1982, Tronex Technology, Inc. has become a world leader in the design and manufacture of precision hand cutting tools and pliers.


Located very near to California’s famed Silicon Valley, Tronex initially developed products specifically to meet the demanding needs of the region’s high tech electronics industry customers. Over time Tronex has expanded its customer base and expertise beyond the electronics industry and, with the aid of distribution partners, has become an important supplier to customers in a variety of industries all over the world.

Tronex precision hand tools are now preferred by users in sectors including high tech, medical device manufacturing and professional jewelry making. These tools are distributed within all leading industrial countries of the world. Examples of some Tronex customers include: printed circuit board manufacturers in Germany, medical device manufacturers in China, aerospace companies in England, defense electronics companies in Japan and telecommunications companies in Mexico.

Who we are

Tronex Technology, Inc. is an independently owned company focused on only one mission: supplying its customers with the world’s finest precision hand tools. Thus Tronex is free from big company bureaucracy, red tape and high overhead. People of Tronex are experienced, highly skilled and hands-on. They are inspired to design, manufacture and deliver the best hand tools in the world.

Creating a visionary product line

The strength of Tronex product begins with a unique joint design incorporated into almost every one of the Tronex hand tool products. Next Tronex has developed exceptionally effective manufacturing processes which assure high quality, low cost, and fast, reliable delivery. Tronex then designed and introduced a series of innovative new models many of which were developed in response to specific customer needs and suggestions. Currently Tronex makes over 100 different models of its signature cutting tools and pliers.

Providing world class service

Tronex customer service employees listen carefully to the needs of their customers. These employees use their many years of experience and expertise to fit the specific Tronex model to the customer application. Sometimes this involves test cutting samples of the customer’s wire with several different Tronex cutters to ensure the absolute best tool recommendation is made. For the customer there is no cost or obligation to purchase for this service.

Tronex customer service reps will then quote and facilitate delivery of tools requested by customers in a remarkably short and reliable time frame. Often shipment is made within hours of receipt of an order. In addition, charges from Tronex for shipping costs never include a markup for Tronex, so you can count on low cost and fast delivery from Tronex.