Meet Tronex Tool Ambassador David Wilson

david-wilsonCompany Name: Celtic Dreams

Tool Expertise: 15 years jeweler & designer.

List specific tools you feel you are an “expert” with:
My particular area are fine nose pliers, such as chain nose, round nose and bent nose. If you are talking tools in general, Smith little torch, Foredom SR flexi shaft, are my particular “hands”.

Occupation: Multimedia lecturer / Jewelry designer

Favorite type of jewelry to make:
Fine Celtic knot work, Chains, Chain maile, Coin rings.

I would like to learn more about: Lost wax casting.

My favorite material to work with: 1mm Sterling silver wire

I get my inspiration from: Celtic patterns & knots.

My favorite blogs and websites:
Google (searches for ideas),
Melissa Muir – YouTube video presenter –
Andrew Berry ( ) Subscription jewelry tutorials
Cooksosn Gold (Uk’s Largest jewelry tool Supplier) – (huge USA jewelry site with tools & info)

My favorite Tronex tool: Bent nose pliers
I love this tool because: Ergonomic angle of the head allows repeated use at a natural wrist angle. Greta for fine chain maile and repetitive tasks.

Things I like to do besides jewelry making:

Video editing & Photography
Member of the world renowned Magic Circle (award winning close up magician) Awarded the title MMC

Other things you should know about me:
I come from the east towards the west, searching for that which was lost. I live my life by the level and on the square.

My email: [email protected]

My web site:

My social medial sites: