Tronex Standoff Cutters

The Challenge: Cut all of these wires on this board to the same height board with pins The Solution: Tronex Model 5030 standoff cutter, cutting 90 degrees to the board. Height off the board 2mm (.080"). Some customers use this tool gripping it with your pinky facing the cutting surface. Alternative Solution: Tronex Model 5031 [...]

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Reverse Acting Pliers

Reverse Acting Pliers The Tool needed to meet the following specifications: Two pins located at the tips to engage the fine (.025") slots in the snap ring Diameter of each pin less than .020" in diameter  Two pins induction hardened to resist wear and to provide long tool life  Tool to be reverse-acting, meaning that [...]

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Tronex and Connector pins

Recently, a good Tronex customer and world famous contract manufacturer had a problem..... The manufacturer wanted to remove a few connector pins from the middle row of pins in a multi-pin array. The pins were large (.020" in diameter) and closely spaced (pitch of 0.10"). Tronex engineering thought that the Model 5074 would work. This [...]

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