Decoding Tronex Model Numbers

Tronex Model Numbers YES there are a LOT of them. Over 130! But how to make sense of it all? We're here to help. Below is a guide to decoding Tronex model numbers for both cutters and pliers. This should help you quickly reference and compare models. For Cutter Models: First Number = Handle Length [...]

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Tronex Jewelry Ambassadors

Did you know that Tronex now has Jewelry Ambassadors? Read all about it here: Tronex is proud to announce our new Jewelry Ambassador Program. What is this program all about? Tronex has hand selected experts in the jewelry field - ranging from shop owners to jewelry instructors to jewelry design experts and coming from [...]

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Download our NEW Jewelry Product Catalog Here!   Tronex is launching our brand new jewelry tool catalog featuring all of the our most popular tools for jewelry making! In our new catalog, Tronex features details about what each tool is typically used for in jewelry making as well as guidelines for how to best use and care for your tools. Our [...]

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Tronex at the Tucson Gem Show

Visiting with our customer - Stuller, Inc! At GJX 2015 This year, Nina Blaicher from Marketing at Tronex Technology went to Tucson to meet with some Tronex resellers. Tronex tools were represented at various shows including the Tucson Gem Show, the To Bead True Blue Show and the Tucson Bead Show. Each show [...]

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Long and Short Handle Tools

Short Handles vs. Long Handles Tronex offers both short and long handle models of almost all of our hand tools. Which one should you or your customers chose? There really is not a right or wrong answer, but the below information should help. • Tronex sells about the same amount of long handle tools as [...]

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What is Razor Flush®?

Tronex offers 3 types of edge finishes for our cutters. The last number of the cutter refers to the edge finish. 1 – semi flush, really not used for jewelry, but used for some industrial applications 2 – flush - a very flush cut which leaves just a slight "burr" at the end of the [...]

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