11 08, 2015

Decoding Tronex Model Numbers

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Tronex Model Numbers YES there are a LOT of them. Over 130! But how to make sense of it all? We're here to help. Below is a guide to decoding Tronex model numbers for both cutters and pliers. This should help you quickly reference and compare models. For Cutter Models: First Number = Handle Length [...]

14 05, 2014

MD&M Texas 2014

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Tronex had a very successful visit to MD&M Texas 2014! We enjoyed meeting with distributors and reps as well as meeting existing and new customers. Thank you Texas for a big ol' Texas style welcome!

24 10, 2013

Tronex Nitinol Cutters

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What are Nitinol Cutters? Nitinol Cutters are the same as Tronex Hard Wire Cutters. They are sometimes called Nitinol cutters because this is what is often cut with these tools. However, they are also used to cut wire, ribbon and tubing made of stainless steel, carbon steel tungston, nickel, beryllium copper, and other hard metals. [...]