Introducing: Tronex Tweezers

Introducing: Tronex Tweezers   Tronex Economy and Precision Tweezers are now available for sale! Tronex Economy Tweezers: Made from carbon steel and stainless steel in most popular styles. Tronex Precision Tweezers:  Tronex offers both popular styles and specialty designs. Materials include: 1.   High alloy "SA" stainless steel in polished finish 2.   High alloy "SA" stainless [...]

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Download our NEW Jewelry Product Catalog Here!   Tronex is launching our brand new jewelry tool catalog featuring all of the our most popular tools for jewelry making! In our new catalog, Tronex features details about what each tool is typically used for in jewelry making as well as guidelines for how to best use and care for your tools. Our [...]

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Tronex at the Tucson Gem Show

Visiting with our customer - Stuller, Inc! At GJX 2015 This year, Nina Blaicher from Marketing at Tronex Technology went to Tucson to meet with some Tronex resellers. Tronex tools were represented at various shows including the Tucson Gem Show, the To Bead True Blue Show and the Tucson Bead Show. Each show [...]

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Fine Tip Tools for Ultra Precise Applications

Introducing Tronex Fine Tip Tools for Ultra Precise Applications Tronex Pliers: Model 515 & Tronex Cutter: Model 5048 Introducing: Tronex Ultra Fine tips tools. These special tools are for working with extremely fine electronics applications including the repair of IPhones! These ultra precise tools feature just that: ULTRA fine tips to cut or grasp into [...]

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Made in the USA

MADE IN THE USA How do customers benefit from Tronex products Made in the USA? Tronex and Tronex suppliers employ American workers Tronex pays US and California taxes Tronex production and exports support the value of the dollar Tronex production standards ensure employee safety and environmental health Tronex can respond rapidly to the needs of [...]

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