Introducing: Tronex Tweezers

Introducing: Tronex Tweezers   Tronex Economy and Precision Tweezers are now available for sale! Tronex Economy Tweezers: Made from carbon steel and stainless steel in most popular styles. Tronex Precision Tweezers:  Tronex offers both popular styles and specialty designs. Materials include: 1.   High alloy "SA" stainless steel in polished finish 2.   High alloy "SA" stainless [...]

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Tronex Jewelry Ambassadors

Did you know that Tronex now has Jewelry Ambassadors? Read all about it here: Tronex is proud to announce our new Jewelry Ambassador Program. What is this program all about? Tronex has hand selected experts in the jewelry field - ranging from shop owners to jewelry instructors to jewelry design experts and coming from [...]

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Tronex at the Tucson Gem Show

Visiting with our customer - Stuller, Inc! At GJX 2015 This year, Nina Blaicher from Marketing at Tronex Technology went to Tucson to meet with some Tronex resellers. Tronex tools were represented at various shows including the Tucson Gem Show, the To Bead True Blue Show and the Tucson Bead Show. Each show [...]

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Having it all: Access and Strength – Oval Head Cutters

Tronex Spotlight on: Oval Head Cutters Tronex Combines Strength and Access: Cutters with oval heads are stronger than cutters with tapered or pointed heads. Cutters with relief (low profile) heads permit increased access to confined areas. Tronex oval relief-and large oval relief-cutters combine the best features of both designs. Only available at Tronex! Tronex likes [...]

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US made for the US Open

US Made for the US Open     Tronex not only offers cutting edge solutions to Electronics, Medical Device Manufacturing, Cable and Jewelry industries, but our cutters have been used to string some of the most important tennis racquet stringers in the world! Our tools have been used to string the racquets of: Rafael Nadal [...]

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Design, Manufacturing Craftsmanship, Performance and Reliability

Design, Craftsmanship, Performance and Manufacturing Reliability Distinguish Tronex Products Each Tronex cutter and each pair of pliers is distinguished by its unique design, manufacturing craftsmanship, performance and reliability in operation. DESIGN Bearing ring joint construction, with extra strong nut & Delrin washer Set screw stops on Razor Flush® cutters and specialty cutters Micro-tip cutting with [...]

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