Chain Nose Pliers vs. Needle Nose Pliers


Pliers with a long straight jaw are often referred to as needle nose pliers. But that description also applies to chain nose pliers. Tronex offers both needle nose and chain nose pliers.
What is the difference?

Chain nose pliers are the most popular pliers sold by Tronex. Tronex offers them in long jaw:

(Model 511 standard handle /Model 711 ergo handle)

or with short jaw:

(Model 513 standard handle/713 ergo handle)

Thinner jaws

Needle nose pliers are thinner, finer versions of chain nose pliers. In profile the two are very similar (see photo A at right). The needle nose is slightly shorter. But in width-viewed from the top-the needle nose is thinner than the chain nose by 25% to 35%. (See photo B at right).

Inside the jaws

Both chain nose and needle nose pliers normally have smooth face jaws. But Tronex will also offers models with serrated tips for these pliers. Models 512 and 712 are chain nose pliers with serrated tips. (See photo C at right).

Models 522 and 722 are needle nose pliers with serrated tips. Serrated tips offer firmer gripping ability. Non-serrated tools are best for sensitive wire to avoid marring.

Fine tips

Tronex chain nose pliers have fine tips, measuring .05″ x .06″ (1.2mm x 1.5mm). But Tronex needle nose pliers tips are even finer, measuring .04″ x .05″ (1mm x 1.2mm).

  Chain Nose Pliers (Tronex Models 511/711)
Needle Nose (Tronex Models 521/721)

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