Decoding Tronex Model Numbers

Tronex Model Numbers
YES there are a LOT of them.
Over 130!
But how to make sense of it all?
We’re here to help. Below is a guide to decoding Tronex model numbers for both cutters and pliers.
This should help you quickly reference and compare models.

For Cutter Models:
First Number = Handle Length
The first number of the model number for all tools refers to the handle length

  • “5” = standard handles
  • “7” = long, ergonomic handles

*the only exception to this is the 5612 & 5613 which are mid sized handles
Tip: Ergonomic handles are 1 inch longer than standard handles.

Second Number = Head Shape/Size

You probably won’t memorize all of the variations here, (and you don’t really need to!) but it’s good to be aware of what this number means. Refer to the catalog for reminders. Some examples are listed below:

  • 3=mini oval
  • 1=medium oval
  • 5=large oval
  • 4=mini taper
  • 2=medium taper
  • 7=large taper
  • 0=specialty cutters

Third Number = The Profile of the Cutter

This applies for oval and taper head cutters. Relief cutters have a “lower profile” and can get into tight spots better than standard cutters. Standard cutters have more material in the head so are stronger and can cut heavier material. Which tool best fits your needs depends on your application.

  • 1= standard profile
  • 2= relief profile

See below image showing the difference between the two:

Fourth/Last number = Edge Finish

1= Semi-flush (not typically used in jewelry making)

2= Flush

3 = Razor Flush®

Cutter Models which have a W or T at the end:

These tools are hard wire cutters. They are special tools typically used in medical device manufacturing to cut very fine, very hard wire.

  • “W” = Made from solid, tungston alloy steel, have smaller tips, are lighter weight, the cutting edges are less brittle
  • “T” = Can cut thicker and harder wire, are tougher than “W” cutters

 For Pliers:

First Number = Handle Length 

The first number of the model number for all tools refers to the handle length

  • “5” = standard (shorter) handles
  • “7” = longer, ergonomic handles
Second and Third Numbers = Model Number

Each model has a unique two digit code.

Still have questions? Contact one of our experts who can talk you through the tool(s) that you need: [email protected]
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