Design, Manufacturing Craftsmanship, Performance and Reliability

Design, Craftsmanship, Performance and Manufacturing Reliability Distinguish Tronex Products

Prototype being made at Tronex

Each Tronex cutter and each pair of pliers is distinguished by its unique design, manufacturing craftsmanship, performance and reliability in operation.


  • Bearing ring joint construction, with extra strong nut & Delrin washer
  • Set screw stops on Razor Flush® cutters and specialty cutters
  • Micro-tip cutting with models such as 5071, 5070, 5075, and 5049
  • Double cushion grips
  • World’s only cutters made of tungsten alloy, and only cutters with tungsten carbide cutting edges.


  • Superb finish and appearance, not just free of burrs
  • Semi-flush and Flush edge beveling performed by hand diamond filing
  • Induction hardened tips for pliers with short jaws
  • Mini chamfer in jaws of pliers to eliminate sharp edges
  • Each cutter is individually tested by hand to make exceptionally good cuts


  • Cutters typically make hundreds of thousands of cuts before edges dull
  • Cutters can be resharped, often more than once
  • Cutters cut at the very tip and along the entire cutting edge
  • Cutters with Razor Flush® cut exceptionally flush
  • Semi-flush and Flush cutters leave “pinch” in the center of the wire, leaving no burr on the outer circumference of the wire
  • Class W and Class T cutters cut fine hard wire such as stainless steel, Nitinol, and Elgiloy.


  • Tronex factory located in California, USA
  • Suppliers to Tronex are almost all based in USA.  They manufacture to highest quality standards
  • American-made steel, fasteners, springs, and grips supplied to Tronex with test reports and inspected upon receipt
  • Tronex has been making precision cutters and pliers for over 30 years, since 1982
  • Tronex-made tools are preferred by customers located all over the world including every country of Europe, Russia, Japan, Korea, China, Southeast Asia, India, and Australia
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