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TronexJewelry FC1-01Tronex is launching our brand new jewelry tool catalog featuring all of the our most popular tools for jewelry making! In our new catalog, Tronex features details about what each tool is typically used for in jewelry making as well as guidelines for how to best use and care for your tools. Our catalog contains tools for chainmaille, wire work and beading as well as other types of jewelry making. For each tool, we outline the best gauge wire to use as well as the specific measurements for that tool. These details will make selecting the right tool for your jewelry making projects much easier!

Made in the USA, Tronex hand tools have an excellent reputation in the jewelry market. Jewelry designers and instructors all over the world recommend Tronex tools to their friends, colleagues and students. Our new catalog profiles in detail each of our jewelry cutters including models: 5223/7223, 5222/7222, 5112/7112, 5113, 7113, 5513/7513, 5082/7082, 5812/7812, 5612/5613. Each of these cutters has unique features making it ideal for specific areas of jewelry making. Taper head cutters are best for getting into tight spots, while oval head cutters offer strength to handle heavier gauge wire. Razor flush® cutters are ideal for wire work, while flush cutters are perfect for braided beading wire such as Softflex® beading wire. Take a look at our jewelry catalog to find the perfect Tronex cutters for your jewelry making projects.

Our catalog also details our vast selection of pliers. Tronex pliers include chain nose, round nose, flat nose and bent nose pliers. We even have new pliers which are half round, half flat. Tronex is known for their wide variety of plier options. Our round nose pliers are available in short nose: 532/732 or long nose: 531/731. As always, almost all of Tronex jewelry tools are available in standard/short handle length or longer, ergonomic handles. Take a look at our catalog to find the best pliers for you!

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