Having it all: Access and Strength – Oval Head Cutters

Tronex Spotlight on: Oval Head Cutters

Tronex Combines Strength and Access
  • Cutters with oval heads are stronger than cutters with tapered or pointed heads.
  • Cutters with relief (low profile) heads permit increased access to confined areas.
  • Tronex oval relief-and large oval relief-cutters combine the best features of both designs.

Only available at Tronex!
Tronex likes to stay ahead of the competition by offering innovative, exclusive products.  Our competitors have not yet discovered the benefits of oval relief and large oval relief cutters.
This means exclusive products for your business to present to your customers!






Why not ask Tronex to send you a free sample of a Model 5122 or a Model 5522 for one of your best customers to try out?  Don’t be surprised when this customer later asks you for a quote on the Tronex oval relief (or Tronex large oval relief).
Send Tronex an EMAIL.

Simply include the model number of the tool and name of the customer, and get your sample request started! It’s that easy! 



PS…….Tronex oval relief and large oval relief are also available with long ergonomic handles, such as the Models 7122 and 7522.

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