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High Performance Pliers

Industry specialists within the field of electronic assembly as well as jewelry artists rely upon our high quality, precision pliers to manipulate the minuscule components that go into both modern technological systems and timeless jewelry pieces. With that in mind, it’s imperative that a cutting edge industry leader like Tronex supports this work with the very highest quality pliers available.

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Each one of our company’s plier models share two key elements in common: they’ve been built with a superior jaw, and they each include a bearing ring joint which prevents wearing of the metal. The Tronex collection of pliers includes a wide array of solutions designed to ensure that clients will find a model that suits their precise in-house requirements.

Many of our customers chose to work with the Tronex long jaw chain nose pliers (models 511, 711) which are commonly used within the field of electrical assembly as well as in precise jewelry manufacturing applications and beading work. This model is an ideal tool for these types of applications because it is designed with a very fine tip for precision and eased inner tips for working with delicate pieces. Round nose pliers are best known for making perfect circles and loops of various sizes in jewelry wire, while other flat-jaw pliers flatten a portion of the wire. Needle nose pliers are excellent for fine electronics or working with the smallest beads and rings, while bent nose pliers offer exceptional maneuverability in tight spots.

Effortless User Control for Consistent, High Quality Results

To ensure that our users maintains effortless control over our tools, the company’s line of chain nose pliers have been fitted with a comfort grips and is available with an extended ergonomic length allowing for maximum comfort while working with the pliers. Depending on the type of cutting requirement, Tronex can fit their chain nose pliers with either a flat faced inner jaws or serrated inner jaws for better gripping capability.

Whether our customers are is searching for bent nose, needle nose, flat nose, chain nose or round nose pliers, you can trust the experts at Tronex Tools to provide the best solution for your specific application.

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