Why Lead Free?

Did you know that Tronex offers tools Marked as: “Lead Free”?

Many electronic operations are now required to be entirely Lead Free. Many companies require tools and supplies to be separated from soldering areas using Lead.

All Tronex cutters and pliers are 100% Lead Free and always have been.

Tronex now offers tools which are clearly marked as “Lead Free” and feature green accented grips. See photo below:
lead free grips - ff
Why do electronics companies want to buy “Lead Free” marked tools?
Regulations on Lead use in electronics manufacturing started in Europe by the RoHS directive. RoHS means: Restriction of Hazardous Substances. Lead can be dangerous and harmful if ingested. Later dumping these used materials and boards can be harmful to the environment.

What are the current US regulations for manufacturing with Lead?
California is the only state which has passed any laws in regards to lead in electronics, but other states are considering this issue.

Why should tools be marked “Lead Free”?
Some electronics manufacturers may want to promote their Lead free environment to customers. Other electronics manufacturers want to segregate tools for Lead free work to avoid contamination from non-Lead free work.

Which types of companies are interested in these tools?
Any business that sells applicable electronic products, sub-assemblies or components directly to EU countries, or sells to resellers, distributors or integrators that in turn sell products to EU countries, is impacted if they utilize any of the restricted materials.

How do I order Tronex Tools identified as “Lead Free”?
Simply add the letters “LF” as a suffix to the Tronex model number with your order. See second photo at right. There is actually no additional charge for these tools!

Have questions about lead free Tronex tools? Need a sample of a lead free tool for a customer? Contact Tronex at Service@TronexTools.com for more information.

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