Made in the USA


How do customers benefit from Tronex products

Made in the USA?

  1. Tronex and Tronex suppliers employ American workers
  2. Tronex pays US and California taxes
  3. Tronex production and exports support the value of the dollar
  4. Tronex production standards ensure employee safety and environmental health
  5. Tronex can respond rapidly to the needs of its American customers for delivery, new products, special applications, and other servicing
  6. Tronex factory is available for visit by customers
  7. Tronex factory is in a neighboring time zone
  8. Tronex and all major Tronex suppliers (grips, springs, fasteners, and cartons) incorporate American standards for material and performance and support the American economy
  9. Tronex stands behind its products

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