Introducing the No. 30 Wire Stripper for Ultra Fine Wire in Electronics

Introducing our NEW Tronex Model No. 30 Wire Stripper This specially designed tool can strip and trim the outer core bundling smaller wires, then can strip ultra fine wire including ranges of 20-30 AWG. Through simply adjusting the settings you can control the length of the wire being stripper and the thickness of the wire [...]

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What are Fine Hard Wire Cutters for Nitinol, Stainless Steel and Tungsten?

Tronex makes many types of hand cutters, mostly for cutting soft copper or similar wire for electronics manufacturing and jewelry making. Tronex offers oval head cutters, taper head cutters, angulated cutters, tip cutters and stand off cutters for these types of applications. Tronex Fine Hard Wire Cutters are designed especially for cutting exceptionally fine (.003" [...]

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Why Use ESD Safe Tweezers?

“ESD Safe” when used with hand tools means static dissipative. That is what we mean with the Tronex “ESD Safe”  plastic grips used with all of our cutters and pliers.  The plastic material used to manufacture our grips contains an additive which dissipates any electrostatic charge. Tweezers usually don’t have any plastic components.  They are [...]

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Tronex at EPTech in Vancouver, B.C.

Tronex at EPTECH in Vancouver! Sales Rep Alan Siebenthall from Kirby and Demarest along with Nina Blaicher from Tronex represented at the 2018 Eptech Show in Vancouver. It's a great regional show - bringing in exhibitors, customers and distributors from the west coast of Canada.  If you get a chance, go see Whistler - a [...]

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Tronex at Del Mar Electronics Show 2018

Tronex recently exhibited in Del Mar at the Del Mar Electronics Show. This regional show is an excellent way to connect with local distributors, industry contacts and customers. Tronex had a huge variety of hand tools on display as well as many of our tweezers including mini tweezers, our swiss line and ESD safe tweezers. [...]

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Del Mar Electonics DMEDS & Design Show

Come visit Tronex in Del Mar on May 4 and May 5, 2016 at the Del Mar Electronics DMEDS & Design Show! We will be exhibiting with our Southern California Rep team: The Stratesys Group: Statesys group represents a variety of consumable electronics lines including Tronex, Hakko and Techspray. At the show Tronex will [...]

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Apex 2016

Tronex exhibited at Apex 2016 held in Las Vegas this year.  This incredible show features Electronics manufacturers ranging from Capitol Equipment to Consumables like hand tools. Tronex Technology had a busy 3 days  - meeting customers old and new, touching base with Distributors, Reps and friends and simply enjoying the incredible Las Vegas weather and [...]

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Productronica 2015 – Munich

2015 was a Productronica year! This incredible show happens every two years and is hosting in Munich in November. 3 members of the Tronex team packed their bags with tools and flew to Munch to enjoy 4 VERY busy show days! Despite Lufthansa strikes - the show did go on and wow - did it [...]

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Introducing: Tronex Tweezers

Introducing: Tronex Tweezers   Tronex Economy and Precision Tweezers are now available for sale! Tronex Economy Tweezers: Made from carbon steel and stainless steel in most popular styles. Tronex Precision Tweezers:  Tronex offers both popular styles and specialty designs. Materials include: 1.   High alloy "SA" stainless steel in polished finish 2.   High alloy "SA" stainless [...]

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Decoding Tronex Model Numbers

Tronex Model Numbers YES there are a LOT of them. Over 130! But how to make sense of it all? We're here to help. Below is a guide to decoding Tronex model numbers for both cutters and pliers. This should help you quickly reference and compare models. For Cutter Models: First Number = Handle Length [...]

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Tronex Jewelry Ambassadors

Did you know that Tronex now has Jewelry Ambassadors? Read all about it here: Tronex is proud to announce our new Jewelry Ambassador Program. What is this program all about? Tronex has hand selected experts in the jewelry field - ranging from shop owners to jewelry instructors to jewelry design experts and coming from [...]

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Download our NEW Jewelry Product Catalog Here!   Tronex is launching our brand new jewelry tool catalog featuring all of the our most popular tools for jewelry making! In our new catalog, Tronex features details about what each tool is typically used for in jewelry making as well as guidelines for how to best use and care for your tools. Our [...]

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The Long and Short of It – Handle Lengths

The Long and Short of it.... We're talking HANDLES here! Long handles, short handles, how do you decide? Our customers are split on their preferences. Tronex customers are split 50/50 about which style they prefer: longer handles or shorter, standard handles. Often, if your hands are larger, you will prefer the longer handle version, and [...]

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Tronex at APEX 2015

  Tronex had a great time at APEX 2015 in San Diego, CA held February 24-26 2015. This important Electronics show brings together all of the heavy hitters in the industry!! The show was 3 days long held at the San Diego Convention Center. Arne Salvesen and Nina Blaicher were the manning the Tronex stand: [...]

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Tronex at the Tucson Gem Show

Visiting with our customer - Stuller, Inc! At GJX 2015 This year, Nina Blaicher from Marketing at Tronex Technology went to Tucson to meet with some Tronex resellers. Tronex tools were represented at various shows including the Tucson Gem Show, the To Bead True Blue Show and the Tucson Bead Show. Each show [...]

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Fine Tip Tools for Ultra Precise Applications

Introducing Tronex Fine Tip Tools for Ultra Precise Applications Tronex Pliers: Model 515 & Tronex Cutter: Model 5048 Introducing: Tronex Ultra Fine tips tools. These special tools are for working with extremely fine electronics applications including the repair of IPhones! These ultra precise tools feature just that: ULTRA fine tips to cut or grasp into [...]

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Tronex Standoff Cutters

The Challenge: Cut all of these wires on this board to the same height board with pins The Solution: Tronex Model 5030 standoff cutter, cutting 90 degrees to the board. Height off the board 2mm (.080"). Some customers use this tool gripping it with your pinky facing the cutting surface. Alternative Solution: Tronex Model 5031 [...]

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Why Lead Free?

Did you know that Tronex offers tools Marked as: "Lead Free"? Many electronic operations are now required to be entirely Lead Free. Many companies require tools and supplies to be separated from soldering areas using Lead. All Tronex cutters and pliers are 100% Lead Free and always have been. Tronex now offers tools which are [...]

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MD&M Texas 2014

Tronex had a very successful visit to MD&M Texas 2014! We enjoyed meeting with distributors and reps as well as meeting existing and new customers. Thank you Texas for a big ol' Texas style welcome!

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Long and Short Handle Tools

Short Handles vs. Long Handles Tronex offers both short and long handle models of almost all of our hand tools. Which one should you or your customers chose? There really is not a right or wrong answer, but the below information should help. • Tronex sells about the same amount of long handle tools as [...]

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Introducing: Tronex 5511A

    Brand NEW Tronex LargeOval Cutters Designed specifically for cutting plastic cable ties in avionics manufacturing. Model 5511A  Rounded edges to avoid nicking surrounding material Large round head is capable of cutting heavy gauge wires and plastic cable ties  An excellent cutter for avionics wire harness cutting  Available in both standard handle (5511A) and [...]

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Chain Nose Pliers vs. Needle Nose Pliers

    Pliers with a long straight jaw are often referred to as needle nose pliers. But that description also applies to chain nose pliers. Tronex offers both needle nose and chain nose pliers. What is the difference? Chain nose pliers are the most popular pliers sold by Tronex. Tronex offers them in long jaw: [...]

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Having it all: Access and Strength – Oval Head Cutters

Tronex Spotlight on: Oval Head Cutters Tronex Combines Strength and Access: Cutters with oval heads are stronger than cutters with tapered or pointed heads. Cutters with relief (low profile) heads permit increased access to confined areas. Tronex oval relief-and large oval relief-cutters combine the best features of both designs. Only available at Tronex! Tronex likes [...]

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Tronex Nitinol Cutters

What are Nitinol Cutters? Nitinol Cutters are the same as Tronex Hard Wire Cutters. They are sometimes called Nitinol cutters because this is what is often cut with these tools. However, they are also used to cut wire, ribbon and tubing made of stainless steel, carbon steel tungston, nickel, beryllium copper, and other hard metals. [...]

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US made for the US Open

US Made for the US Open     Tronex not only offers cutting edge solutions to Electronics, Medical Device Manufacturing, Cable and Jewelry industries, but our cutters have been used to string some of the most important tennis racquet stringers in the world! Our tools have been used to string the racquets of: Rafael Nadal [...]

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Design, Manufacturing Craftsmanship, Performance and Reliability

Design, Craftsmanship, Performance and Manufacturing Reliability Distinguish Tronex Products Each Tronex cutter and each pair of pliers is distinguished by its unique design, manufacturing craftsmanship, performance and reliability in operation. DESIGN Bearing ring joint construction, with extra strong nut & Delrin washer Set screw stops on Razor Flush® cutters and specialty cutters Micro-tip cutting with [...]

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Made in the USA

MADE IN THE USA How do customers benefit from Tronex products Made in the USA? Tronex and Tronex suppliers employ American workers Tronex pays US and California taxes Tronex production and exports support the value of the dollar Tronex production standards ensure employee safety and environmental health Tronex can respond rapidly to the needs of [...]

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Reverse Acting Pliers

Reverse Acting Pliers The Tool needed to meet the following specifications: Two pins located at the tips to engage the fine (.025") slots in the snap ring Diameter of each pin less than .020" in diameter  Two pins induction hardened to resist wear and to provide long tool life  Tool to be reverse-acting, meaning that [...]

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What is Razor Flush®?

Tronex offers 3 types of edge finishes for our cutters. The last number of the cutter refers to the edge finish. 1 – semi flush, really not used for jewelry, but used for some industrial applications 2 – flush - a very flush cut which leaves just a slight "burr" at the end of the [...]

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Tronex and Connector pins

Recently, a good Tronex customer and world famous contract manufacturer had a problem..... The manufacturer wanted to remove a few connector pins from the middle row of pins in a multi-pin array. The pins were large (.020" in diameter) and closely spaced (pitch of 0.10"). Tronex engineering thought that the Model 5074 would work. This [...]

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Tronex Grips are ESD Safe – What does that mean?

All Tronex cutters and pliers have plastic grips. The grips have three functions: Prevent the tool from slipping in the operator's grasp, Provide cushioning comfort to the hand of the operator, and Hold the stainless steel leaf springs in place. Being made of plastic materials the grips could build up an electrical charge which, when [...]

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