Fine Hard Wire Cutter – 50 Degree Thin Class W – Model 5084W


Tronex Model Number: 5084W

Description: 50 Degree Thin Head Class W Cutters

Handle Length: Standard (short)

Head Shape: 50 Degree Thin Head

Cutting Edge: Flush

Material: Tungsten Alloy Steel

Finish: Polished with gold screw

Cutting Capacity (steel wire):


.08mm – .18mm

39-33 AWG


  • Made from solid Tungesten Alloy Steel.
  • Machined and formed to have exceptionally sharp cutting edges.
  • Hardness of 66 to 68 HRC on both cutting edges.
  • Used for cutting fine hard wire such as Nitinol and Stainless Steel.
  • W cutters are better suited for ultra fine hard wire and when access into tight areas is required.
  • Tronex is the only manufacturer in the world who makes these type of hard wire cutters.


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