Tronex PAC-VAC® Kit with Nine Tips Operates on 9V Battery – Model: VC3200

Tronex Model Number: VC3200

Description: PAC-VAC vacuum tool kit, battery operated. The PAC-VAC is battery operated and self-contained, runs up to eight hours continuously on one 9 volt alkaline battery. This versatile unit can be clipped to your belt or pocket for one-handed portable operation.


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The PAC-VAC is constructed with ESD safe materials and comes complete with the following features:

* Power on LED indicator.
* A belt/pocket clip on the housing.
* 4 feet of coiled vacuum hose, #VCH-1/16-4.
* A set of nine vacuum tips, #VCS-9-B.
* A vacuum pick-up handle, VVP-200.
* 9 volt disposable alkaline battery.
* Lightweight – only 156 grams.
* Produces vacuum of over ten inches of mercury.