Reverse Acting Pliers

Reverse Acting Pliers

The Tool needed to meet the following specifications:

  • Two pins located at the tips to engage the fine (.025″) slots in the snap ring
  • Diameter of each pin less than .020″ in diameter
  •  Two pins induction hardened to resist wear and to provide long tool life
  •  Tool to be reverse-acting, meaning that the jaws open-not close-when the handles are squeezed.  Opening the jaw expands the snap ring for placement in the snap ring groove
  • Opening of the jaw to be limited by a set screw stop located in the handle.  This was needed to prevent excessive expansion of the snap ring
Not a problem for Tronex engineers!

First a prototype was designed, produced and sent to the QC engineer. He verified that it worked to his satisfaction and to the satisfaction of the assembly operators. He then requested Tronex to quote price and delivery for several units of these special pliers, Tronex Model 701.

The Tronex quotation was satisfactory. An order was placed and delivered. The production pliers performed just as well as the prototype. So well, in fact, that a second order was placed and delivered…then a third order.

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