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San Francisco Hand Tools

The Californian city of San Francisco is not only one of the oldest on the Northern West Coast but also its cultural and commercial center. San Francisco boasts a tradition of artist, creative minds and inventors and none of them could have succeeded in their endeavors if it wasn’t for having the proper tools. Artisans, workers in the electronic or medical manufacturing industry benefit from the exceptional quality of California’s very own Tronex hand tools.

Custom Hand Tools

For over three decades, Tronex has been manufacturing precision custom hand tools that are preferred by users worldwide. Our tools, which were originally designed to meet the stringent requirements of California’s high tech industry are now employed in a variety of different industries that require the use of fine precision hand tools. No matter if you are manufacturing medical devices in China, printed circuit boards in Germany or aerospace components in England, our tools are the trusted partner, you can rely on. They are also a favorite of jewelers and chainmaille makers. Whenever you need a precision custom hand tool that performs, you use Tronex tools!

Hand Cutters

Our San Francisco hand cutters are designed to offer the best performance and comfort level in the industry. Our cutters cut accurately and crisp from the tip all the way down the blade, ensuring precision with every cut. To ensure our customers get the cutter they need for their particular project and personal preference we offer hand cutters with different handle lengths and of course a variety of head designs such as oval, taper or angulated tip. All our cutters are assembled in the U.S. and thoroughly checked before they leave our factory.


Tronex Pliers are a great choice for San Francisco jewelry making, electronics or for hobby chainmaille manufacturers. Comfortable and precise, you can’t go wrong with Tronex San Francisco precision pliers. Available in different handle length and a stainless steel leaf springs, we have managed to combine comfort and superior performance in one sleek piece. Additionally, our pliers boast ring lap joints and are proudly made in the USA. Available in bent nose, chain nose and saw nose designs, you are sure to find pliers to suite your individual needs.


Our San Francisco tweezers are the perfect choice for the medical, electronic or biology industry. Non-corrosive and available in a multitude of different width and tips, you are sure to find the suitable tweezers for your professional project. At Tronex you will find everything from general purpose, to blunt tip, curved tip, ESD safe, off-set, short and long tweezers. When precision performance counts, Tronex tweezers are preferred in the electronic and medical device manufacturing industry. Superior precision and durable design ensure your best performance.

No matter what industry you are in and if you need pliers, hand cutters or tweezers our San Francisco hand tools are made to last and perform. If you want to know more about a particular product or have any questions regarding our manufacturing process, feel free to contact us at 707-426-2550. Tronex Technology is California owned and operated and our quality products are recognized worldwide.