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Video Reviews by Dave Wilson

Jewelry maker Dave Wilson has recorded his reviews of the various Tronex pliers and cutters he has used in his work as a jewelry designer at Celtic Dreams.

Here are a few of the things he had to say:

“Today we’re going to look at the latest Tronex pliers, and if you thought quality was expensive, it’s time to think again. “

[Y]ou can see the tips [of the Tronex 531 Round Nose Pliers] really are beautifully, beautifully machined, they’re perfectly smooth, the tips come together tapered beautifully and they come together at the tips absolutely, perfectly aligned.”

“[I]f you’re working with very, very fine, very, very small wire, right at the tips of your tools then you really can exert enough pressure to work with the absolute finest intricacy.”
“[I]f you look at [the Tronex 5512 Flush Cutters] close up, you really can see, even in the joints, the quality is just absolutely superb. Every single surface has been perfectly finished, perfectly machined. They really are precision tools.”
“[W]hen I’m working with chainmaille and I’m attaching these tiny jump rings onto the end of a chain, it gets quite difficult to get in there, but all I do is flip the [Tronex 551 Bent Nose] pliers around and I can get right in there, and I can work with even the most awkward of places. And you see that jump ring is perfectly closed, perfectly tight.”
“You can buy similar looking tools from other manufacturers, particularly the Swiss manufacturers. You can easily pay three, four, even up to five times the price. So for the price of these Tronex pliers, they represent some of the best value on the market.”
“They’re really good, really comfortable pliers, the double grips. You can use these for hours and hours.”