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Product Review by Jeffrey Struss

Under the name pedrodagr8, Jeff reviewed the Tronex Ergonomic Handled Taper Relief Flush Cutter Model 7222 and the 521 Standard Handle Needle Nose Pliers. You can find his reviews posted at:

Here are a few of the things he had to say:

Jeff Struss Tronex Model Cutters Pliers 7222 521

“Quite simply

[Tronex has] a reputation of being one of the best precision cutter manufacturers PERIOD!”

“I have to say they are EVERYTHING the reviews said they are and then some. The build quality on these tools is second to none. I can’t imagine a nicer feeling set of cutters.”
“The [521] needle-nose pliers are very nice, the tip comes to a very fine point … The level of precision is exceptional.”
“I can’t say enough about these [7222 flush] cutters. They feel amazing in the hand. When they are making cuts, they snap responsively through the material being cut. [The] tip is thin enough to get in between the legs of an IC for cutting, while still strong enough to easily cut through the leg. These are BY FAR my favorite cutters I have EVER encountered.”

7222 Flush Cutter Alignment

Under the Microscope:

“[T]he cutting tips gracefully come to a close at the very tip. We can see that the grinding marks are very fine… The edges are very nice and sharp.”
“There is ZERO signs of wear after 100 cuts. Not ANYWHERE along the cutting edge.”

And in Conclusion:

Sample Tronex Hand Tools

“The quality is second to none, the handles are soft, nicely cushioned without compromising feel, the performance is excellent.”
“While to the naked eye, already the differences in quality are obvious. Under a microscope, the differences really become crystal clear. The Tronex tools are clearly hands over fists better quality”
“Not only are you supporting an American manufacturer who supports American materials companies; you are getting a quality product that will last generations.”