Meet Tronex Tool Ambassador Marilyn Gardiner


Company Name: Gardiner Design

Tool Expertise:

Wirework tools: Round nose for making various kinds of loops; Chain nose, Cutters

Beading Tools: Cutters for headpins, beading wire; Chain nose for pulling and guiding beading materials

Cutters: Very large oval for heaviest gauges; Large oval, Razor flush

Pliers: Flat, Chain, Bent, Round

Chain Maille: all the pliers and cutters above for 10-24 gauge wire, sterling and various base metals

List specific tools you feel you are an “expert” with:
Pliers: 732, 742, 751, 744, 743, 731, 713, 745
Cutters: 7223, 7512, 7812

Occupation: Chain mail artist, teacher, kit producer, jump-ring maker

Location: Waterloo, Ontario, Canada (Jan.–Mar. in Tucson, AZ)

Favorite type of jewelry to make: Chain Mail

I would like to learn more about (jewelry making skill): Micro macramé; Peruvian wire crochet;

My favorite material to work with: Argentium sterling silver

I get my inspiration from:
1) Challenging myself to solve what-if design problems;
2) Learning new chain mail weaves;
3) Experimenting with shapes, textures and colors—and adding beads;
4) Designing to showcase art glass focal beads

My favorite blogs and websites: The Beading Gem by Pearl Blay; Maille Artisans website; Interweave & Kalmbach daily blogs; Ganoksin Orchid newsletter

My favorite Tronex tool: Tossup between short jaw flat nose pliers and razor flush cutters

I love this tool because: The pliers because they are comfortable to use for extended periods of time, the tension is just right, and I seldom mar the metal with them.
The cutters because they are wonderful for cutting the end of the wire when finishing a wrapped loop—I seldom have to tuck in the end with my crimpers.

Things I like to do besides jewelry making: Read escape fiction! Walk.

Other things you should know about me:
I love to teach jewelry making classes (currently in Guelph, Toronto, Buffalo, Milwaukee, Tucson, San Antonio)
I’m a retired teacher, teacher-librarian, and computer consultant.
I enjoy writing clear, detailed, illustrated project instructions.
I’m writing a chain mail book to be published by Kalmbach in summer 2015.
I was Beadwork Artist in Residence, 2007 at a local historical museum.
I love learning/trying new jewelry making techniques