Meet Tronex Tool Ambassador Melissa Muir

Tronex Ambassador Melissa Muir

Company Name: Melissa Muir – Metalsmith

Tool Expertise:

Wirework tools: FOR SURE!

Beading Tools: Yes, not as heavily

Heavy Duty Tools: I love working with heavier gauges of metal and wire.

Cutters: Not only hand cutters, but getting into the larger shears as well.

Pliers: Aren’t they just an extension of my hands? 🙂

Chain Maille: Not my favorite, but I certainly do quite a bit with it, especially when teaching chain making.

Fine wire work: Yes

Seed Beading: *Runs and hides from the tiny beads of the devil.*

Notes: I work with each of these, with the exception of #8 *seed beads make me shudder* :), on a daily basis when working with jewelry. My Tronex pliers and especially the cutters are my first “Go To” tools.

List specific tools you feel you are an “expert” with:
Other tools I am an expert with include the hydraulic press, soldering, jewelers saw, forging tools and hammers. There are so many I am not sure which to not list. 🙂

Occupation: Jewelry instructor and metalsmith

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