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Tools For Making Jewelry

For jewelry artists, designers and instructors, having access to the highest quality hand tools is an important part of the jewelry making process. Tronex provides our jewelry customers with the highest quality tools available to ensure that jewelry making is enjoyable, comfortable and efficient.


Tronex cutters are known worldwide to be the best cutters available. Count on excellent craftsmanship, performance and comfort. You won’t find tools for better quality and value than Tronex.

Handles of all Tronex cutters are made of steel that extend the entire handle length to give strength and balance to the tool. Most Tronex models are available in standard handle length or in long ergonomic handle length.

Jewelry Making Cutters


Pliers made by Tronex are quickly becoming the pliers of choice among professional jewelry makers and serious jewelry artists. Each of our pliers are crafted with care and individually checked to meet the high performance and finish standards of Tronex.

Jewelry Making Pliers


Reviewer: Jeffrey Struss (pedrodagr8)
Focus: Electronics, Computers

Jeff reviewed his sample Tronex tools in electronics applications, under a microscope, as well as in a cutting test against hand cutters from other companies.

Reviewer: Dave Wilson
Focus: Jewelry Designer and Tool Expert at Celtic Dreams

Dave Wilson has reviewed a wide variety of Tronex pliers and cutters in jewelry making applications

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