Tronex Grips are ESD Safe – What does that mean?

All Tronex cutters and pliers have plastic grips. The grips have three functions:
Prevent the tool from slipping in the operator’s grasp,
Provide cushioning comfort to the hand of the operator, and
Hold the stainless steel leaf springs in place.

Being made of plastic materials the grips could build up an electrical charge which, when released, could cause damage to sensitive electronic components. This is what is described as Electro Static Discharge, or ESD. To offset this risk Tronex uses grips that are “safe” from ESD. Tronex grips are all printed “ESD Safe”.

What does that mean, “ESD Safe”?
It means that any possible electrical charge is DISSIPATED and thus prevented from building to potentially dangerous levels.

Tronex assures that all of its cutters and pliers are “ESD Safe” by three steps:
Design: Double layer grips contain a chemical ingredient to impart a dissipative character to both layers of the grip.
Manufacture: The Tronex grip supplier is one of America’s leading manufacturer of products of this nature. They have supplied Tronex with reliable, high quality, high performance grips for years.
Test and Verification: Every new batch of grips is sampled and measured by Tronex with a calibrated resistivity meter. The inside sleeve and outer foam are tested. Surface resistivity of Tronex grips are in the range of 109 to 1010 ohms per square. This is well within the dissipative range and is lower (better) than the resistivity of competitor’s grips.

More information about ESD is available from the ESD Association ( A draft standard for hand tools is currently being reviewed in committee.

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