Tronex Jewelry Ambassadors

Did you know that Tronex now has Jewelry Ambassadors?

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Tronex is proud to announce our new Jewelry Ambassador Program. What is this program all about? Tronex has hand selected experts in the jewelry field – ranging from shop owners to jewelry instructors to jewelry design experts and coming from countries spanning the globe! The one thing our experts have in common is a deep knowledge of Tronex jewelry hand tools. Each Tronex Jewelry Ambassador has used Tronex cutters and/or pliers and has a strong knowledge of the tools. You will find our Ambassadors to be experts about some or all of Tronex jewelry tools. These Ambassadors have agreed to share their expertise with Tronex tools with our customers! You may contact them to ask questions, or take a look at their reviews and guidelines for using Tronex cutters or pliers. Several of our Ambassadors have youtube video reviews and other social media resources with valuable information. Customers will find helpful hints on how to best use Tronex tools and what not to use them for! (cutting fishing line!). Our Ambassadors can help our customers decide which tool best fits their jewelry making needs and to understand why Tronex tools are the best quality tool available. Tronex offers hand tools for chain maille (flat nose pliers, chain nose pliers and bent nose pliers), tools for beading (chain nose pliers, round nose pliers, flat nose pliers and beading wire flush cutters), as well as tools for wire work (a variety of razor flush® cutters, chain nose pliers, flat nose pliers, round nose pliers and needle nose pliers). Tronex customers with find a variety of experts amongst our Ambassadors with knowledge in each of these popular areas of jewelry making.


Check out our jewelry ambassador page and learn more about Tronex jewelry tools. Interested in becoming an Ambassador? contact us at [email protected]


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