Tronex Nitinol Cutters

What are Nitinol Cutters?
Nitinol Cutters are the same as Tronex Hard Wire Cutters. They are sometimes called Nitinol cutters because this is what is often cut with these tools. However, they are also used to cut wire, ribbon and tubing made of stainless steel, carbon steel tungston, nickel, beryllium copper, and other hard metals.

What are Nitinol Cutters used for?
Nitinol cutters are mostly used in medical device manufacturing. They are often used to manufacture Nitinol stents.

Why are Tronex Nitinol Cutters so special?
Nitinol cutters have very hard cutting edges, harder than the edges of almost all precision hand cutting tools. They also cut VERY fine hard wire, often being used under a microscope.

How are Tronex T Cutters and W Cutters different?
Tronex offers two types of Fine Hard Wire Cutters. The “W” series and “T” Series.

The W series:

Entire tools are made from tungston alloy steel
Undergo a special hardening process resulting in a hardness of 66 to 68 HRC on the cutting edges
Finer, more pointed tips
Thinner cutting head

The T Series:

Carbon steel blanks with tungston carbide brazed in cutter jaw
Diamond grinding sharpens the cutting edges
Cutting edges have a hardness of 79 to 81 HRC
Increased cutting capacity

Who else makes Nitinol Cutters like Tronex?
No one! Although there are other hard wire cutters on the market, Tronex tools are in extremely high demand because of our many types of styles and the high quality level and performance of our tools. Tronex has proudly become the industry role model in this market.

Who should I approach to sell Nitinol Cutters?
Medical device manufacturers are the most common type of customer for these tools, although they are also used in other industries.

How should I respond to an inquiry for Tronex Nitinol Cutters?
Request a sample of the wire being cut and send it to the Tronex factory. Tronex engineering will perform cutting tests with several different cutter models and will make recommendations. This service is at no cost to you or the customer. You can count on response from Tronex to be very prompt and reliable. Tronex has lots of experience cutting Nitinol and other fine hard wire.

TIP: You can recognize Tronex Nitinol cutters by our distinctive gold screw on each cutting tool

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