Tronex Standoff Cutters

The Challenge:
Cut all of these wires on this board to the same height
board with pins
Board_with_Wires_D_8-14 edit
The Solution:
Tronex Model 5030 standoff cutter, cutting 90 degrees to the board.
Height off the board 2mm (.080″). Some customers use this tool gripping it with your pinky facing the cutting surface.
5030 90 degree
Alternative Solution:
Tronex Model 5031 standoff cutter, cutting 45 degrees to the board.
Height off the board .050″ (1.3mm) Many customers like this option so that you can have your arm and hand in a more ergonomic position.
5031 on Board A 8-14
Unique Tronex Standoff Cutter features
A. The cutting edge is hardened to keep the edges sharp and strong
B. We’ve designed these cutters with a setscrew stop to prevent dulling of the blades
C. The standoff height marked right on tool – no confusion!
5031_set screw and standoff heightJPG

A Quick RECAP on Tronex Standoff Cutters:

Tronex offers 90 degree operation (Models 5030/7030) or 45 degree operation (Models 5031/7031) stand off cutters.
Options include stand off height range from .020 ” to .110″. Customize Tronex Standoff cutters to meet your unique application!
Tronex stand off cutters have a set screw which prevents the cutting edge from hitting the standoff leg after a cut has been made and keeps the cutter sharp longer, saving your business time and money.
The cutting edge and tip of standoff leg have been hardened for strength and durability.
The height of the standoff is permanently marked on the tool of the handle – easy to read!
Standard handle length or long, ergonomic handles are available for any design of Tronex standoff cutters.

All of Tronex cutters feature our popular cushion grips providing both comfort and and a non-slip grip. Not sure whether to order standard or ergonomic handles? Read our article about handle lengths!

Questions? We’re here to help! Contact us to learn more: [email protected] Our experts can make experienced recommendations about which tool will best fit your application.

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