Tronex at the Tucson Gem Show

Visiting with our customer – Stuller, Inc!

At GJX 2015

At GJX 2015

This year, Nina Blaicher from Marketing at Tronex Technology went to Tucson to meet with some Tronex resellers. Tronex tools were represented at various shows including the Tucson Gem Show, the To Bead True Blue Show and the Tucson Bead Show. Each show has unique vendors and their own market focus. The Gem show is huge and has vendors offering everything from diamonds and pearls to bench supply tools. It has a huge security process (understandably!) to get into the show. Our Tronex representation here was Stuller, Inc. Stuller’s stand was very impressive and covered a large area in the show. Stuller’s staff manned the area offering their product expertise to customers visiting from both far and wide. Stuller proudly showcased a huge variety of the Tronex tool line including Tronex cutters and pliers on a magnetic board making it easy for customers to pick up the tools and feel the quality right there in their hands. New Tronex tools including the 5464/746 pliers were also on display. Shawn Albert and his team really impressed Nina with their professionalism and deep knowledge of the Tronex tool line. It was great fun see Tronex Tools in action and watching the customer reaction to the quality of Tronex. Several transactions occurred right then and there – fantastic to see satisfied Tronex cutter and pliers fans!

Next stop was the To Bead True Blue show. Tronex had several vendors at this show which is focused on the hobby/artist beading and wirework market. We saw incredibly beautiful mountain after mountain of beads! All kinds of stones were available from rare Turquoise from special mines in AZ, to moonstones, rose quartz and man made materials which look organic. Stands showcased chain maille products, tools, beads (of course!), wire, display and packaging items – the works!! Anything you could possibly need for jewelry making to make your business successful and stand out.

It was a long, successful and super fun day. Great to see Tronex tools on display and happy customers stocking up. If your business is planning a tradeshow or would like to exhibit with Tronex tools at Tuscon, please contact us at [email protected] for assistance.


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