US made for the US Open

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US Made for the US Open  


Tronex not only offers cutting edge solutions to Electronics, Medical Device Manufacturing, Cable and Jewelry industries, but our cutters have been used to string some of the most important tennis racquet stringers in the world!

Our tools have been used to string the racquets of:

Rafael Nadal

Serena Williams

Andre Agassi

Agassi favored strings containing “Kevlar” fibers.  Kevlar, a material made by DuPont, is so strong it is often used to make bullet-proof vests.  Grand Slam Racquet Stringers preferred Tronex cutters for cutting these strings, particularly in making the diagonal cut to “point” the string. Tronex cutters are unique in that they could withstand the wear of cutting these very strong fibers braided into this type of racquet string.     

tennis players  

These racquets have been used to play in some very important tournaments:

The Olympics
US Open
Don’t worry, we won’t let our “brush with celebrity” go to our heads!

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