Hand Cutters

Cutting Edge Performance Comes as Standard.

To achieve superior levels of cutting performance, it takes years of dedication and hard work to the craft. At Tronex Tools, we have 20 years of experience within the field and our in-house specialists work to ensure we meet the very peak in precision-engineered cutting performance with each solution we introduce to the marketplace.

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Designed for a Broad Range of Requirements.

Precision pliers manufactured by Tronex share several unique characteristics:

  • Bearing ring lap joint design that insures superior performance to other pliers made with only rivet joints or box joints.
  • Cushion grips (ESD safe) with stainless steel leaf springs.

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Precision And Economy Lines For Every Purpose

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Hard Wire Cutters

Expertly Built to Handle Unique Cutting Requirements.

Tronex Class W cutters are made entirely from solid tungsten alloy steel. This material is machined and formed at the Tronex factory to high dimensional tolerances with exceptionally sharp cutting edges and a solid joint design. The cutters undergo a special furnace-hardening process to achieve a hardness of 66 to 68 HRC on both cutting edges.

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The Leader in Cutting Edge Technology

Tronex Tools is a company that places a strong emphasis on building solutions which support superior levels of cutting performance while providing customers with value and comfort. We call this combination of key qualities "Cutting Edge Technology" and it remains one of our business' leading competitive advantages.

The success of Cutting Edge Technology™ is built on three core components: unique hand cutter joint design, razor flush® edges and exceptional and proprietary manufacturing techniques.

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