Tronex Cutters

Tronex Cutters

Tronex hand cutters offer superior cutting performance and comfort. Our precision hand cutters cut crisply at the very tip and along the entire length of the cutting edges. Tronex makes many of models in a variety of shapes, sizes and edge finishes to meet your specific hand cutting needs.

Oval head, taper head, angulated, tip, stand off and hard wire cutters are all types of cutters offered by Tronex, each with options that improve strength, maneuverability, ease of access, and comfort for your hand. Whether you are looking for general purpose cutters with excellent durability and power behind each cut, or need access to a small space in an awkward position where angled jaws would make cuts much easier, Tronex has the cutters for you. With a wide range of tools already available, one should meet your individual needs, or you can contact us about designing a tool specific to your project.

For the hardest of cuts such as Nitinol in medical device manufacturing, we also offer two different lines of hard wire cutters designed with incredible joint strength and localized hardness, allowing for either tough handles and jaws, or lighter, more maneuverable tools that can still make those hard wire cuts in confined spaces.

Most Tronex hand cutters are available with either long or short handles and all come standard with our comfortable cushion grips, with our “Skinny Grips” available to our electronics industry customers and others that prefer the non-cushioned option. All Tronex cutters have precision cutting edges, but on many models you will also find the options for a semi-flush cut for a long lasting edge, a flush cut design to balance tool longevity and cost with flush cut leads, and Tronex’s own Razor Flush® for near perfect precision cuts and minimum shock that no other cutting tool in the world can match.

Each cutter is individually checked at our factory to ensure the highest quality tool. Our unique design results in the best possible performance with specific attention to craftsmanship, quality and comfort. Our tools are proudly assembled in the USA from quality materials. Questions about Tronex Tools? Email us at: